Id Tags

      Rs 8.00

      Identity Tag Rope with Metal Clip Ref SD232

      950 mm Colour Varies

      Brand: Foska

      Code: OA023518


      Rs 13.00

      Identity Tag Rope with Soft Clip Ref E5764

      485 mm Colour Varies

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA020622


      Rs 9.50

      Identity Tags Plastic Pin

      W90xD55mm White

      Brand: Data Zone

      Code: SA002586


      Rs 9.50

      Identity Tags Ref E5752

      W90xH54mm with blue clip

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA020621


      Rs 15.00

      Identity Tags Ref E5756

      W95xH68mm with Necklace Colour Varies

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA023017


      Rs 14.00

      Identity Tags Waterproof Ref 5758

      W100 x H82 x 0.28 mm Transparent

      Brand: Deli

      Code: OA020625